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Unique Approach

We offer a holistic approach to recovery that involves an individualized treatment plan, one-on-one therapy, group therapy, plus a strong family component, in addition to an emphasis on physical health and wellness. Each patient receives about 20 sessions of individual therapy per week, which provides ample time for patients to learn more about themselves and start the growth and recovery process.
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Alcoholism and substance abuse are complex problems. Staff at Williamsville Wellness use their wide range of knowledge and experience in the addiction and mental health fields (including some in recovery themselves) to help patients get better. Our Alcohol Treatment Center in Virginia works synergistically to help patients reach their treatment goals, and every day during a working lunch they communicate treatment needs for each patient. Click here for more

Williamsville Wellness is situated on 400 acres of land on a national historic home restored for modern living. The serenity and anonymity allows for people to find their own path to recovery. The ability to spend time with nature often helps people reconnect with themselves and find peace. From formal gardens to a whimsical caboose, the setting encourages people to seek happiness and freedom from addiction.
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Why Choose Williamsville?
Alcohol Treatment Centers in Virginia
  • Nutritious Meals – Fresh gourmet meals prepared daily by our chef will help restore health and nutrition.
  • Gym – 24 hour access to a fully-equipped gym, plus one-on-one personal training.
  • Cell phones & Electronics – Patients are allowed to keep their personal belongings and use them responsibly.
  • Rooms – Have a sense of peace with a private room. About 90% of our bedrooms are single occupancy.
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A Setting for Recovery
Substance Abuse Treatment Richmond VA
  • Gardens & Grounds – Find a place to meditate and reflect among our diverse landscape
  • Caboose & Trolley – Enjoy therapy sessions in one of our quirky office buildings: a converted caboose and trolley car
  • Greenhouse – Appreciate nature’s bounty by exploring our greenhouse
  • Gazebo – Feel tranquility underneath the covering of our garden gazebo