Drug and Alcohol Addiction Success Stories

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Below are some success stories and letters that we’ve received from our past patients. All of these people, or their family members, have come to Williamsville Wellness for help with alcohol abuse, drug addiction, or gambling problems. We have helped them, and we stand ready to help you too. Names have been changed or abbreviated to protect privacy.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Richmond VirginiaK.B., a woman in her 60s, had unsuccessfully tried

to conquer her problem drinking at several rehabilitation facilities. Her drinking often led to verbal tirades in social situations and strained relations.
With the support of their minister, her husband convinced her to come to WW. She no longer drinks.

J.T. was a sports star at a Division I college

when his drinking first sabotaged him. When he lost his scholarship, he became a binge drinker and prone to blackouts. His estranged father, a recovering alcoholic, re-established ties with J.T. and connected him with Williamsville Wellness.
They now go to AA meetings every Sunday and enjoy a strong bond.

Dear Mr. Cabaniss, First of all, I would like to thank you

once more for everything you have done for my family. The program that has changed my mother’s life is one of a kind and you have done a great job with the success of your patients and their families. So, thank you again for helping my family through such a difficult time.
It was a pleasure to meet you when I was there and all the counselors you have hired for the Wellness Center were very impressive. I took note of all of the various disciplines your staff specializes in, and my interest in psychology has been increasing ever since.
Thank you again for Williamsville Wellness Center and I wish you the best in 2010.
Sincerely, Carissa

J. W. was a 20-year-old gambler and a recovering heroin addict

when he arrived at WW. During his stay, he overcame his gambling compulsion, but he still needed to work on his drug problem.
When he left, he kept in touch with Williamsville’s executive director to discuss his problems and worked on his drug rehabilitation. Today, he is living in a halfway house and is drug free.

S.C. wrote to us about his son’s recovery

Yesterday I attended a wake for a friend who had lost his son. The handsome young man in the casket was 25 years old. It was not known by his parents, at that point, whether he committed suicide or overdosed. The sad reality of this very rainy day was that he was no longer alive. I was struck by the number of people at the service. They numbered in the hundreds and were mostly young. Clearly he had many friends, but what I had a hard time understanding was that no one there on that day could have saved him. It was a terrible waste which brought unspeakable pain to his parents. I know that they had attempted to get him into rehab but were not successful. When I found about this young man’s issues, I chose not to mention that I also had direct experience with my son going through addiction and rehab, out of unwillingness to share this very personal experience.

While praying at the casket, I was overcome with grief and broke down in tears over someone I did not know. What impacted me was the realization that just a few short years ago this could have been my son in the casket. At the time, we were dealing with medical expenses for injuries, failure in school, inability to hold a job, fear that he would hurt himself or someone else while driving, not to mention the financial jeopardy he put us in. We had attempted medical solutions and set appointments with more than one psychologist. Nothing was working since he did not believe that he had a problem and felt that he could stop drinking at any time. All of the bad events were the result of issues not directly related to him but other unfortunate circumstances in the universe.

I was beginning to lose hope under the pressure of a career choice which demanded long hours and a significant amount of travel. While I prayed for another result, I feared that we would find him dead one day. His mother, however, never lost hope, continuing to look for a solution that would work. After a significant amount of research she came upon Williamsville Wellness. She believed that the approach to addiction which included physical well-being, life skills discipline, education, and counseling in a rural setting far enough away to isolate him during his treatment was the right solution for him. A little more than three years ago, we brought our son to your facility. He spent 5 weeks there learning new skills and learning about himself. At the conclusion, he finally understood his addiction and what was necessary to control it. Today he is sober since the day he arrived at your door. He recently was able to finish two years of school at the local community college and hold a job as a tennis instructor for more than two years. In just a few short weeks he will be attending University as a Junior with a goal of earning a Doctorate in English Literature and teaching at the college level.

Today I was able to direct a friend to Williamsville Wellness. I had recently shared with her my son’s experience. She approached me about how he was able to overcome his addiction. Her niece is also suffering from addiction and I highly recommended your solution directing her to the website.

This note is to let you know that what you taught N.C. is paying dividends. His life has changed dramatically and in a positive, constructive direction. As a parent I am overwhelmingly thankful.