Addiction Treatment In Richmond, Virginia

Stop Using & Start Living

Choosing to enter addiction treatment can be a difficult decision to make. It requires courage and strength to face addiction head-on and commit to taking the necessary steps to overcome addiction. Addiction treatment can provide the structure and resources that are necessary to recovery in a supportive environment.

Williamsville Wellness offers top-rated and CARF accredited addiction treatment in Richmond, VA. Located on a beautiful 400+ acre property, we provide individualized substance abuse treatment for adults across the state of Virginia who are ready to begin their recovery journey. We offer a range of residential and online treatment services that utilize evidence-based practices.

Our Addiction Treatment Programs

Williamsville Wellness offers a variety of holistic addiction treatment programs, both online and in-person, to help those struggling with addiction get the help they need. Our comprehensive programs are designed to provide individuals with the tools and resources necessary to overcome addiction and achieve long-term sobriety. Our team of licensed therapists utilize a variety of treatment modalities catered to the specific needs of our patients. Need Addiction Treatment in Richmond? Williamsville Wellness is here for you.

Drug & Alcohol Program

Williamsville's residential treatment in Richmond, VA is typically a 28-day comprehensive program for both drug and alcohol addiction.

Veteran Program

A comprehensive, 5-6 week residential alcohol and drug addiction treatment program in Richmond made for military veterans.

Gambling Program

A comprehensive 3-4 week residential treatment program for gambling addiction that helps uncover and address root causes.

Virtual Addiction Treatment

Six week online intensive outpatient program (IOP) and 2-4 week online partial hospitalization program (PHP).

About Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Our residential Addiction Treatment Richmond center is set in a historic landmark home creating a welcoming and safe environment for recovery. With only 26 beds, we’ve created an intimate experience where our patients receive the individualized care and support they deserve. Features of our Addiction Treatment in Richmond include: 400+ acres of nature for outdoor activities, an in-house kitchen, formal dining room, and an indoor gym.

Williamsville Wellness provided me with everything I needed to move forward in recovery in serenity. The staff (all the staff) were very caring and professional. They all have a huge part in saving my life.

Why Choose Williamsville Wellness

What sets our addiction treatment center apart? We have a compassionate team that is dedicated to your success. With our client-centered approach to addiction treatment in Richmond and online, we work to ensure our patients are receiving the right care for their unique needs.

We know getting help for addiction is a big step which is why we take pride in our patient care. Williamsville features a high staff to patient ratio across online and in-person Addiction Treatment in Richmond, VA. This allows us to give each patient the individualized care and time needed to make a difference.

At Williamsville we focus on intensive individual therapy as well as group therapy. While the majority of treatment centers place emphasis on group therapy, we believe individual therapy is more effective in uncovering the root cause of addiction. This is why Williamsville offers more individual therapy sessions per week than any of the competition.

We believe that finding and treating the root cause of substance abuse is imperative for long-term recovery. Through individual therapy sessions we address both the addiction and co-occurring disorders, which leads to real change, and reduces the risk of relapse after treatment.

At Williamsville we believe that staying in touch with family and supports is often crucial to our treatment model. This is why we allow cell phones and devices unless access to these devices would be contraindicated. We have designated areas for patients to smoke cigarettes, chew tobacco, or vape. Patients may stroll the grounds when not in session.

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We Offer In-Network and Out-of-Network Insurance Benefits

We offer Addiction Treatment in Richmond that is in-network with a majority of major insurance providers. Verify your insurance to unlock your coverage options.