It’s okay to not feel okay.

This was true before anyone ever coined the phrase “social distancing” and it’s especially true now. 

A dual blue male figure with one looking down to represent depression

It’s okay to not feel okay. 

Maybe you lost your job. Maybe you’re working overtime. Maybe isolation is starting to get to you. Maybe your relationships are being tested, perhaps more than usual. Maybe you have lost a loved one. 

It’s okay to not feel okay. 

If life was tough before, it can feel like the world is adding a new insult to injury every day. 

For people in recovery, you may be feeling more triggered lately, fear that you are on your way to relapse, are coming close – or already have. 

Despite the challenging state of the world, it is vital that you open up to someone as quickly as possible. 

The old recovery adage that we are “as sick as our secrets” reminds us of the heightened state of hopelessness we will experience when we hold our feelings, our cravings… our “secrets” within. 

We have both in-person and online program options available to help excavate the “secrets” and give you the tools and support you need to jump the hurdles the world sends your way. 

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By: Courtney Judd