Fitness and Addiction Recovery

Have you ever tried jogging while drunk?  It just doesn’t work!  

Most people in their drinking days have great intentions about working out or whatever type of exercise they “like”.  But, when it comes time after a long night of drinking, it seems nearly impossible to stick to a regular workout schedule.

 So, now that a person is no longer drinking the goal of exercising is much more attainable.

The benefits of a regular exercise routine in recovery are amazing.  This article highlights such benefits. Staying fit physically can help you stay fit mentally.  

Stress can certainly be a trigger for relapsing and any form of exercise can help reduce that stress. In addition, many folks in early recovery gain back their appetite and often have cravings for “comfort food”.  Being active and drinking plenty of water can help curb those cravings.

Several people compare working out to meditation.  It is a time when a person can be at peace with the daily struggles of life.  

Also, if you add music to the mix, it can motivate you to keep going and is just another great way to relax while doing something that is not always pleasant.  Sometimes it can be helpful to have a friend join you in your routine.  This can help you on the days when you are thinking about skipping a workout.  

Yet, others may prefer to train on their own.  It really is up to the individual to decide which is more comfortable for him or her.

By: Courtney Judd