Building Community in Recovery through Charitable Acts

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Here begins the beginning of the holiday season, which unfortunately means a time of exaggerated hardships for many – especially financially. 

No family should have to forgo celebrating due to financial hardship, which is something that I’m sure we could all agree on. 

For those of us in addiction recovery, we’re often not doing great ourselves in the bank account arena. 

But, it doesn’t take much to make a huge impact. 

A sense of community and purpose are invaluable assets to addiction recovery. 

If you have time to volunteer, or a few dollars to donate items, the benefits are bidirectional. You uplift your community while it uplifts you. 

If you’re planning on donating items, you may not know exactly what is best to donate unless you’ve been on the receiving end before.

This is why one Facebook user, Tricia Anne Meyer, asked a person at a food bank what is best and what is not best to donate, and we will summarize the information here: 

Do Donate:

  • Boxed milk (kids get lots of cereal, but have no milk)
  • Spices, salt, pepper
  • Tea bags
  • Coffee
  • Fresh produce
  • Seeds in the Spring and Summer for planting
  • Fresh meat
  • Tuna and Crackers
  • Sandwich Bread (get lots of pb&j, but no way to make it a sandwich)
  • Butter/margarine
  • Eggs
  • Velveeta Shells
  • Cake mix & frosting (birthday cakes)
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Stove Top Stuffing
  • Sugar & Flour

Be Careful Donating:

  • Pasta and Spaghetti Noodles (Very Common)
  • Canned items unless you provide a can opener or it comes with a pop top
  • Rice-a-Roni (Oil is a luxury, and is required to cook it)
  • Kraft Macaroni & Cheese (Requires milk and butter, which is hard to come by)
  • Hamburger Helper (needs beef, which is hard to come by)

-Courtney Judd